The Welsh arrived in good spirits for this Ryder cup format bi-annual tournament ,being the holders of the trophy, this year held at Wynchwood golf and country club.

With the pairs taking place on the Sunday afternoon the weather threw a spanner in the works with it being cloudy turning to rain later in the day.

This did not dampen the spirits of the participants and so battle commenced a long afternoon followed with matches going one way and the another, but at the end of the day the score at the halfway point was a dramatic lead of 6 nil to the jubilant Welsh side.

After celebrating liberally that evening we again took to the fairways on the Monday morning to do battle in the singles, new blood came into the Welsh side on this day, and with the weather smiling on us we again took to the fairway’s with the Welsh side requiring just 3 pts to retain the trophy and what with England taking the first point available and halving the next ,an upset was suddenly on the cards.

But then suddenly the Welsh changed gear and took all the remaining points available finally winning the tournament FOURTEEN AND A HALF to ONE AND A HALF, one might say some what of a thrashing .

We at the WDGA would like to thank our English counterparts for a well organised tournament and we look forward to renewing battle in the future. When it will be the Welsh who will be the hosts.