St.Marys golf and country club




THURS. 11th JUNE 10am start open to Disabled and able bodied

Tredegar Park Golf club

Wednesday 24th JUNE 11am start (race to Wales event)

Mond Valley

WDGA team v Mond Valley team

Sunday 5th July

Team to be chosen from race to wales positions

British Open

5/6/7th August

Others to follow





The Welsh arrived in good spirits for this Ryder cup format bi-annual tournament ,being the holders of the trophy, this year held at Wynchwood golf and country club.

With the pairs taking place on the Sunday afternoon the weather threw a spanner in the works with it being cloudy turning to rain later in the day.

This did not dampen the spirits of the participants and so battle commenced a long afternoon followed with matches going one way and the another, but at the end of the day the score at the halfway point was a dramatic lead of 6 nil to the jubilant Welsh side.

After celebrating liberally that evening we again took to the fairways on the Monday morning to do battle in the singles, new blood came into the Welsh side on this day, and with the weather smiling on us we again took to the fairway’s with the Welsh side requiring just 3 pts to retain the trophy and what with England taking the first point available and halving the next ,an upset was suddenly on the cards.

But then suddenly the Welsh changed gear and took all the remaining points available finally winning the tournament FOURTEEN AND A HALF to ONE AND A HALF, one might say some what of a thrashing .

We at the WDGA would like to thank our English counterparts for a well organised tournament and we look forward to renewing battle in the future. When it will be the Welsh who will be the hosts.



We at the WDGA in conjunction with other disabled associations are promoting the forth coming Disabled British Open which will be held at STRATFORD PARK golf club on the 21st to the 23rd of AUGUST with the 21st being a practice day (optional).

The golf club has given us a heavily discounted accommodation package for anyone who is interested which is as follows::

For the One-night Gala dinner, bed & breakfast: £72.50 per person (based on two people sharing)

For the one-night Gala dinner, bed & breakfast: £135.00 (single occupancy)


For the two-night bed & breakfast with the Gala dinner on the second night: £135.00 per person (based on two people sharing)

For the two-night bed & breakfast with the Gala dinner on the second night: £260.00

 Golf £15 per day per person.

Rooms can be booked direct with the golf club on 01789731857 and

quote disabled open 2019

for more information contact Mike Overton




Aims of WDGA

The Welsh Disabled Golf Association is a non-profit making organisation which was formed in August 2011, the assocation provides disabled people the opportunity to take part in golf, social or con aspect

The Welsh Disabled golf Association provides disabled people with the opportunity to take part in a sport. As I am sure you would agree sport is an important activity for disabled people. It is not only important in terms of its physical benefits but also for the social aspect it provides, allowing participants to socialise with other people who understand the limitations that disability can bring. Being disabled does not mean you cannot enjoy sport, it just means that you may have to adapt activities to meet your own personal levels of ability.  The WDGA arrange golf competition days at various locations throughout the principality.

The WDGA is there for all disabilities, even people who may have never considered golf in the past , it may be just the thing that they are seeking if you know of anyone who you think may benefit please bring them along.

Membership of the Welsh Disabled golf association is FREE for more information contact   WDGA on 01633450339 or email